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🌑 (Solar Eclipse) And 🌒 (Lunar Eclipse) Are From The Signs Of Allāh As An Admonishment ‼
THE ECLIPSE PRAYER | ABU KHADEEJAH | MANCHESTER – https://learnaboutislam.co.uk/eclipse-prayer-abu-khadeejah-manchester/

From LearnAboutIslam.co.uk 
Not Informing of Eclipses Before they Occur – https://saadburbank.com/2015/09/27/not-informing-of-eclipses-before-they-occur/

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The Eclipse prayer is not prayed based upon reports – https://mtws.posthaven.com/the-eclipse-prayer-is-not-prayed-based-upon-reports

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Solar and Lunar Eclipses

Occur as an Admonishment from Allah | Fatwas of Ibn Baz – http://www.alifta.net/Fatawa/fatawaDetails.aspx?languagename=en&View=Page&PageID=5993&PageNo=1&BookID=14

From Alifta.Net 
Reminder About Eclipses (Short Clip) by Abu Abdullah Khalif Abdus Samad hafidhahullah – https://www.spreaker.com/user/tawheedradio/reminder-about-eclipses
Ruling on offering Salat-ul-Kusuf during the times wherein it is permissible to perform Salah only if there is a Shar`y reason | Fatwas of the Permanent Committee – http://www.alifta.net/Fatawa/FatawaChapters.aspx?languagename=en&View=Page&PageID=12820&PageNo=1&BookID=7

From Alifta.Net 
The Prophet’s (Sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) Eclipse Prayer Described | Shaikh Muhammad Naasir ud Deen Al-Albaani – http://www.salafipublications.com/sps/sp.cfm?subsecID=IBD04&articleID=IBD040004&articlePages=1

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The Prophet’s Eclipse Prayer Described & Some Common Questions Concerning it – The Salafi Masjid – http://www.wrightstreetmosque.com/the-prophets-eclipse-prayer-described-some-common-questions-concerning-it/

From WrightStreetMosque.com 
Khutbah After the Eclipse Prayer by Abu Hakeem – http://www.salafisounds.com/khutbah-after-the-eclipse-prayer-by-abu-hakeem/

From SalafiSounds.com 

Abu Hakeem Bilal Davis – Twitter.com/AbuHakeemBilal 
Khutbah After the Eclipse Prayer By Abu Khadeejah – Salafi Sounds

Khutbah After the Eclipse Prayer By Abu Khadeejah

From SalafiSounds.com 

Abu Khadeejah Abdul-Wahid – Twitter.com/AbuKhadeejahSP 
Thul-Hijjah, the Eclipse, and Barcelona khutbah by Moosa Richardson hafidhahullah – http://www.spreaker.com/user/radio1mm/khutbah-thul-hijjah-the-eclipse-and-barc

Website – Bakkah.Net 

Moosa Richardson – Twitter.com/1MMeducation 
A reminder benefits the believer.


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The Prophet’s Eclipse Prayer Described & Some Common Questions Concerning it

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Prophet – sallallaahu `alayhi wasallam, said: ((Indeed the sun and the moon are two signs from the signs of Allaah and He does not make them eclipse due to the death or life of anyone. Should you see the eclipse; then supplicate to Allaah, glorify Him, pray and give charity.)) [Reported by al-Bukhaaree no.1044]


Actions to be carried out during the eclipse:
Shaikh ‘Uthaimeen (rahimahullaah) said:

There are seven things that the Prophet (sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) commanded to be done at the time of the eclipse, and all of them are authentically established in Saheeh Al-Bukhaaree; and they are:
Seeking forgiveness.
Making the takbeer.
Making dhikr (remembrance of Allaah).
Giving in charity.
Freeing slaves.
(Majmu’ Fatawaa wa Rasaa-il Muhammad bin Saalih Al-‘Uthaimeen 16/290)


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Taken from the book ‘al-Fiqhul-Muyas-sar’

Translation/amendments/extra points of benefit prepared by Yusuf McNulty
The definition of al-Kusoof, and the wisdom behind it:
Al-Kusoof (eclipse) is when the light of either the sun or the moon becomes covered, due to something out of the ordinary happening. 

Kusoof (solar eclipse – the sun becoming covered during the day).

Khusoof (lunar eclipse – the moon becoming covered during the night) both carry the same meaning in Arabic.

Allaah makes this happen in order to frighten His servants, so that they return to Him in repentance, just as the Prophet – sallallaahu alayhi wasallam, said: ((Indeed, both the sun and the moon are two signs from the signs of Allaah, He does not make them eclipse due to the death or life of anyone, but rather in order to terrify His servants.)) [1]

The ruling of Salaatul-Kusoof and the evidence for it:
Salaatul-Kusoof is waajib (obligatory), as stated by Aboo Awaanah in his Saheeh, and was also narrated from Aboo Haneefah. Imaam Maalik held it to be the same as Jumuah (in ruling). Ibnul-Qayyim strengthened the opinion regarding its obligation, and Sh Muhammad Ibn Saalih al-Uthaymeen agreed with Ibnul-Qayyim’s view. This is because the Prophet – sallallaahu alayhi wasallam, commanded with its performance, and he would set out for it immediately, and he informed that it occurs to frighten the servants (of Allaah). [2]
…It’s time:
The time of the Salaah begins with the onset of the eclipse, and lasts until the eclipse ends due to the Prophet’s statement: ((If you see anything of it (the eclipse), then pray up until it clears.)) [3]
The description of the Salaah and what should be recited 

within it:
🔸It is two rakahs,
🔸in the first rakah you should recite Soorah al-Faatihah loudly – regardless of whether it is night or day – and also another soorah, which should be long.
🔸 Then after that you make rukoo, and this should be prolonged.
 🔸Thereafter you rise up from the rukoo, say ‘samiallaahu liman hamidah’ and ‘rabbanaa wa lakal-hamd’, but there is no sujood just yet;
🔸 rather Soorah al-Faatihah is recited again along with another long soorah, however it should be a little bit shorter than the first (soorah recited). 
🔸Then you make rukoo again, and rise up from it as normal,
🔸 then sujood is performed, twice as normal, but they should be made long.
🔸 After standing up, you should pray the second rakah just as the first, except make it a little bit shorter, 
🔸and you end the Salaah with tashah-hud and tasleem as normal.
🍃Source: salafitalk.com

🖇Link: http://salafitalk.com/threads/1973-Salaatul-Kusoof-The-Eclipse-Prayer

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Listen to this beneficial ​talk on the Eclipse: Here

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Fatawa Islamiyah : Islamic Verdicts Vol. 2 Purification and Prayer Pg. 307 – Answered by: Shaikh Ibn Baz

Q 1. Revered Shaikh, we read in the newspapers an article, the essence of which was “….that the moon would be totally eclipsed a little after sunset.”
That was three days before the eclipse occurred. The writer explained the reasons for its occurrence, its start and its end, which caused one to ask oneself a number of questions, bearing in mind the following facts:

1. That the lunar eclipse and the solar eclipse are natural occurrences, because the scholars of astronomy know of their occurrence a number of days beforehand and are able to predict their extent, their beginnings and their end precisely.

2. That the Messenger (sallallahu alaihi wa salam) ordered us in a Hadith narrated by Muslim, on the authority of A’ishah, may Allah be please with her, to pray at the time when an eclipse occurs, saying:
Pray, so that Allah may relieve you.

3. And Al-Bukhari narrated, on the authority of Asma’ bint Abu Bakr, may Allah be pleased with them both, that she said: “We were ordered to release slaves at the time of the eclipse.

4. It has been reported that in Fathul-Bari that:
The sun and the moon are two of the Signs of Allah by which Allah causes fear to His Servants.

But why are the servants afraid, when the eclipse is something natural and well known before it happens?

A 1. It has been authentically reported from the Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wa salam) that he said that solar and lunar eclipses occur as something fearful from Allah to His servants, in order to encourage them to respect the Signs of Allah and to fear Him, the Almighty, the All-Powerful and to resort to remembrance of Him and obedience towards Him. He (sallallahu alaihi wa salam) said that they are not eclipsed for the death of any person, nor for his birth and that they are only two Signs from among the Signs of Allah by which Allah causes fear to His servants. He said: “If you observe an eclipse, then seek protection in remembrance of Him and supplicate Him.”

He (sallallahu alaihi wa salam) also said: “If you see it, then pray and supplicate until He relieves you of what afflicts you.

And he ordered us in these circumstances to make Takbir, to free slaves and to give charity. All of this is prescribed at the time of an eclipse: prayer, remembrance, seeking forgiveness, giving charity, freeing slaves, fear of Allah – the Al-Mighty, the All-Powerful – and to make them beware of His punishment.

That it is a Sign whose occurrence is known through calculation does not negate that it is a cause for invoking fear of Allah the Almighty and a means of making people beware of Him, the Most Glorified, Most High. For it is He Who makes the Signs and organizes their causes, like the rising and setting of the sun at specific times and likewise the moon and the stars which are Signs from among the Signs of Allah, the Most Glorified, the Most High. The fact that Allah has made causes for them, as mentioned by the astronomers, by which they know when eclipses occur, does not negate them being means of invoking fear and warning of (the punishment of) Allah, the Almighty, the All-Powerful.

Likewise, all of His clear Signs, such as the sun, the moon, the stars, the heat, the cold – all of them are Signs in which there is fear and warning against disobeying Allah after He has given these Blessings. And people are encouraged to beware of Him ( i.e. His Punishment) and to fear Him, the Most Glorified, so that they remain steadfast in obedience to His Commands and avoid what He has forbidden.

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