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🌑 (Solar Eclipse) And 🌒 (Lunar Eclipse) Are From The Signs Of Allāh As An Admonishment ‼
THE ECLIPSE PRAYER | ABU KHADEEJAH | MANCHESTER – https://learnaboutislam.co.uk/eclipse-prayer-abu-khadeejah-manchester/

From LearnAboutIslam.co.uk 
Not Informing of Eclipses Before they Occur – https://saadburbank.com/2015/09/27/not-informing-of-eclipses-before-they-occur/

From SaadBurbank.com
The Eclipse prayer is not prayed based upon reports – https://mtws.posthaven.com/the-eclipse-prayer-is-not-prayed-based-upon-reports

From MTWS.PostHaven.com  
Solar and Lunar Eclipses

Occur as an Admonishment from Allah | Fatwas of Ibn Baz – http://www.alifta.net/Fatawa/fatawaDetails.aspx?languagename=en&View=Page&PageID=5993&PageNo=1&BookID=14

From Alifta.Net 
Reminder About Eclipses (Short Clip) by Abu Abdullah Khalif Abdus Samad hafidhahullah – https://www.spreaker.com/user/tawheedradio/reminder-about-eclipses
Ruling on offering Salat-ul-Kusuf during the times wherein it is permissible to perform Salah only if there is a Shar`y reason | Fatwas of the Permanent Committee – http://www.alifta.net/Fatawa/FatawaChapters.aspx?languagename=en&View=Page&PageID=12820&PageNo=1&BookID=7

From Alifta.Net 
The Prophet’s (Sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) Eclipse Prayer Described | Shaikh Muhammad Naasir ud Deen Al-Albaani – http://www.salafipublications.com/sps/sp.cfm?subsecID=IBD04&articleID=IBD040004&articlePages=1

From SalafiPublications.com
The Prophet’s Eclipse Prayer Described & Some Common Questions Concerning it – The Salafi Masjid – http://www.wrightstreetmosque.com/the-prophets-eclipse-prayer-described-some-common-questions-concerning-it/

From WrightStreetMosque.com 
Khutbah After the Eclipse Prayer by Abu Hakeem – http://www.salafisounds.com/khutbah-after-the-eclipse-prayer-by-abu-hakeem/

From SalafiSounds.com 

Abu Hakeem Bilal Davis – Twitter.com/AbuHakeemBilal 
Khutbah After the Eclipse Prayer By Abu Khadeejah – Salafi Sounds

Khutbah After the Eclipse Prayer By Abu Khadeejah

From SalafiSounds.com 

Abu Khadeejah Abdul-Wahid – Twitter.com/AbuKhadeejahSP 
Thul-Hijjah, the Eclipse, and Barcelona khutbah by Moosa Richardson hafidhahullah – http://www.spreaker.com/user/radio1mm/khutbah-thul-hijjah-the-eclipse-and-barc

Website – Bakkah.Net 

Moosa Richardson – Twitter.com/1MMeducation 
A reminder benefits the believer.


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The Prophet’s Eclipse Prayer Described & Some Common Questions Concerning it

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Rulings regarding zakat ul fitr.

-To whom should zakat ul fitr be given?

-Time for giving out zakat al fitr (obligatory charity that should be given out before Eid prayer).


🔗 https://rasaelemaratia.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/zakat-ul-fitr.pdf

Rasael emaratia channel


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Article: Issues Related to the Legislative Ruling of Zakaat al-Fitr by Shaykh Badr Ibn Muhammad al-Badr al-‘Anazy



This timely article written by Shaykh Badr Ibn Muhammad al-Badr (حفظه الله) is a compilation of important questions related to the legislative rulings of Zakaat al-Fitr which he presented to ash-Shaykh al-‘Allaamah Saalih Ibn Muhammad al-Luhaydaan (حفظه الله). This article was translated by our noble brother Abu Afnaan Muhammad Abdullah (حفظه الله).


The issues addressed are:

1. Why is Zakaat al-Fitr referred to with this name?

2. What is the amount of a Sa’a (measurement)?

3. What are the foodstuffs which are given as Zakaat?

4. Is it permissible to give the Zakaat al-Fitr as money?

5. Who is Zakaat al-Fitr given to?

6. Can the Zakaat al-Fitr be given to non-Muslims?

7. Is Zakaat al-Fitr to be paid on behalf of people who are mentally ill?

8. Is Zakaat al-Fitr given on behalf of an old person who is senile?”

9. Is it permissible to send the Zakaat al-Fitr to another country?”

10. Is it permissible for a person to give the Zakaat on behalf of his siblings who are orphans?”

11. Is Zakaat al-Fitr given on behalf of a maid?”

12. Is Zakaat al-Fitr given on behalf of a fetus?”

13. When does giving Zakaat al-Fitr become obligatory?

14. When is Zakaat al-Fitr given?

15. Is it permissible to make up Zakaat al-Fitr?

16. Is it permissible to entrust someone to pay the Zakaat al-Fitr?”

17. For an individual who works in a foreign country, does he give the Zakaat al-Fitr in his country or the other (in which he works)? Also, is it permissible to give the Zakaat on behalf of his children in the country which he works?

CONTINUE READING: http://www.mpubs.org/ramadhaan/578-article-issues-related-to-the-legislative-ruling-of-zakaat-al-fitr-shaykh-badr-ibn-muhammad-al-badr

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