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Anas Ibn Malik [رضي الله عنه] used to tell his son:

 O my son! Secure knowledge by writing

[Kitaab Al-‘lm, No. 120]


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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

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This is an interview with SS published in a Qatari newspaper “Al watan”so today our guest is Sheikh Saud bin Ibrahim al Shuraim.he is imam and khateeb of masjid al haram,a very prominent personality of the islamic world, a dignified researcher in fiqh,a judge and a poet,he has many trips in many countries,he is a good writer,has written many books on aqeedah and stuff….well the recitation of quran kareem in his melodious voice is very famous and there may not beany muslim home where he is not listen to…so lets start …1st

Q:what were your feelings when you were made the imam of the haram al makky?

SS says:My acceptance as an imam of haram was not something that was surprise and happened at once rather it was a long process,it took much time…and before being appointed as an imam,i used to dream of being so and indeed it is a great blessing of Allah (SWT) to be an imam of haram .i ask Him to guide me on the path of gratefulness..

2nd Q:you people give khutbah in haram,so how do you compose it and how do you deliever?

SS says:there is no particular way for it,moreover the khutbah are often delievered according to the circumstances/current affairs…and for me, it is just once in a month when i have to give khutbah and it doesnt mean that i have such a long time to compose it because i dont know the topic unless the imam before me has given his khutbah as the khutbah is related to the previous one…moreover it is necessary to avoid such a situation that i may repeat the previous topics…i remember what Abdul Malik bin Marwan said”the manabir(probably giving khotab)has made me old..imagine that about a person who was a caliph and had excellent oratory skills!so what about a person who is much more less efficient?the matter needs assistance from Allah (swt).

3rd Q: it is seen that Dr. Saud does not deleiver much public lectures and stuff….whats the reason?would you plz explain?

SS says:yes you are right and this is because i am too busy and i dont leave Makkah due to imamah and i consider my friday khutbah as a public lecture.as far as my lectures out of the K.S.A are concerned ,they are much more in number than the lectures in the KSA.and i give religious sermons at masjid al haram three days in a week after fajr salah from the books..

4th Q:were you influenced by some particular qari(reciter) or khateeb?what do you think when you listen to the reciters who copy you?

SS says:no,i am not influenced by some particular khateeb…but sometimes i like some of the khutab by some khateebs.and as for reciters i am not influenced by some particular reciter..and i have no objection on the ones who copy me but i think one should not follow/copy some reciter instead one should make ones own way of reciting…

5th q: Memorisation of quran and its recitation have a great impact on the khotab?so when did you complete your hifz and to whom you are indebted to in this regard?

SS says:i completed my hifz in the last years of sec. school and it was due to my struggle after the grace of Allah..and after hifz i even did the revision myself…didnt acquire assistance from the shuyookh except in the normal classes at uni.So i thank to allah (swt)

6th Q:whats the role of Dr.Saud’s wife in his academical and da3awi success?

SS says:before i say something about my wife, i cant forget my mothers love and mercy for me in my childhood and youth as well.as she raised me in orphan in childhood…her love is a tonic for me.May Allah shower His mercy upon her as she did with me when i was a child.and as for my wife, she has proven herself to be a best companion for me in happiness and sorrow..she is there when i need her.cheers me up and tries her best to lighten my sorrows.May Allah include this in her good deeds.

Subanahallah, may Allah grant Shaykh Ash-Shuraim long life so may benefit the Ummah.

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