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As-Saalamu Alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa baarakatu!

Its been so long since I shared my thoughts on this blog and I can’t believe its been 7 years since I have been blogging on this very same blog ,its been a long journey blogging here..

This blog has  grown up with me over the past years..

From Eid to Eid to Ramadan to Ramadan..

Subhan’Allah Time goes by without even noticing it!

This post is not to celebrate my blog or anything! (celebrating anniversaries are not from Islam!), this is just a special post that I would like to thank all my followers, the people who leave comments,like posts or just random visitors  from Africa to Asia,Middle east to Europe, from India to Australia or from wherever in the globe who simply just stopped by to benefit from my chest of pearls ..


Jaazakum’Allahu khayran!



Alhamdullilah Allah has blessed us to see another Ramadan , he gave us another chance to better ourselves and increase our Emaan to gain Taqwa and to wash away our sins. Its also a blessing that many of us are able to fast , while there are others who are not able to due to sicknesses or old age. So lets be thankful for this great blessing to be able to fast!

Since this is the Month of Fasting I decided to share with you what some of the Ahlul-ilm (people of knowledge) have mentioned of the many benefits and wisdom of fasting!

 • • So Stay tuned In-Shaa’Allaah!  • •

I hope you all benefit and please do leave any suggestions or comments, even criticism

about the blog!






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