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إِنَّا كَفَيْنَاكَ الْمُسْتَهْزِئِينَ

{Truly! We will suffice you against the scoffers.}

[Surah al-Hijr (15): 95]

Shaikh al-Sa`dee رحمه الله said:

“Meaning: (Allaah is sufficient) for you (O Muhammad) and what you came with. And this is a promise from Allaah تعالى to His Messenger صلى الله عليه وسلم – that the mockers will not be able to harm him (or cause any damage to his reputation), and that Allaah تعالى will suffice him صلى الله عليه وسلم against the mocker by inflicting them with any punishment as He تعالى Wills. And He تعالى has already done this (in the past); verily, no one showed up, mocking the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم and what he came with, except that Allaah تعالى destroyed him and gave him a violent (or a painful) death.”

[Tafseer al-Sa`dee]


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Imam Abdur-Rahman As Sa’di attends the tea party Narrated by Shaykh Abdur Razzaq Al Badr

The following is a summary translation

Shaykh Abdur Razzaq Al Badr:

If the person sees his daughters or his little ones playing with toys, he should sit with them sometimes.


Shaykh Abdur Rahman As Sa’di—may Allah have mercy upon him; once his young daughter—young at that time—and her friend who was her age, were in the courtyard of the home. And he was a major scholar, and judge, and Imam and lecturer. He was going to leave from the home and there was his daughter and a young girl her age playing with these toys. And they had made up a skit as though they were in a room, pretending that some things were tea and coffee and they sat playing as girls play. When he wanted to leave the other young girl—not the daughter of the Shaykh—said to him: ‘Why don’t you visit us?’ He replied: ‘Tomorrow inshaAllah I will visit you.’

So when he wanted to exit he came to the house and stood at the door and knocked on the door and he called his daughter’s friend by her name. She opened the door and said: ‘Please enter.’ So he came and sat with them in their spot. They sat and pretended to give him coffee and they spoke with him and told him about their toys, and then he stood.

When he wanted to stand his daughter said to him: ‘You have not been my guest.’ He replied: ‘Tomorrow I will be your guest.’ The next day he came and knocked on the door and he called his daughter by her name and she opened the door and said: ‘Please enter.’ He entered this room and sat with them and he humored them and he conversed with them.

This doesn’t take more than three or four minutes from a person. And his daughter cheerfully narrates this now in one of the books, and she is an adult now. This occurred once in her youth but it brought about tremendous happiness for her.


Thus a person should not be neglectful of these affairs. When he sees his daughters he gives them some of his time; four minutes, five minutes, at most ten minutes; but it will do a lot in the heart of the young one.


Translated by Rasheed ibn Estes Barbee


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Sheikh ‘Abdur Rahman ibn Naasir as-Sa’dee, may Allaah have mercy upon him, stated in one of his friday sermons:

“All praise is for Allaah due to what He possesses from the most beautiful names and the highest description and what He created and judged with in the beginning and end. I bear witness that none has the right to be worshiped except Allaah alone having no partners and to Him ascends the complaints. And I bear witness that Muhammad is his slave and chosen messenger and prophet. Oh Allaah send prayers and peace upon Muahmmad, his family and companions, the noble and virtuous scholars.

As for what follows;

Oh mankind! Fear Allaah the way He should truly be feared and that is by staying away from His displeasure and following His gratification. By appreciation to Him for what He has rendered of favors. Allaah has bestowed this noble month, i.e. Ramadan, upon you and conferred His generous blessings upon you in it. (more…)

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 “If you invoke Allāh to let you reach Ramadān, do not forget to invoke Him to bless you in it.”— Imām as-Sa’dī رحمه الله 


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Tawheed is the right of Allaah, the most obligatory upon His worshipers, it is the greatest of religious commands, the most basic of all fundamentals, and the firmest basis for deeds.”

 [Imaam as-Sa`dee – al-Qawl as-Sadeed]

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“See you not how Allaah sets forth a parable? – A goodly word as a goodly tree, whose root is firmly fixed, and its branches (reach) to the sky (i.e. very high). Giving its fruit at all times, by the Leave of its Lord and Allaah sets forth parables for mankind in order that they may remember.”

[Ibraheem (14):24-25]

Allaah has likened the statement of faith, which is the best of statements, with a tree that is the best of trees bearing these noble characteristics. Its roots are firm, it is always growing and maturing and it bears fruit all the time, directing its numerous benefits and delectable fruits to its owner and others.

This tree varies greatly in the hearts of the believers, changing in accordance to the variation of the qualities that Allaah has described it with. Therefore it is upon the servant to hasten towards acquiring knowledge about it, its descriptions, that which leads to its existence and potency, its roots and its branches. It is upon him to expend his efforts in actualizing this tree in terms of knowledge and action for indeed his portion of goodness and success, happiness in this life and the Hereafter, is dependant upon the extent to which this tree (is implanted in the heart).

  • Selected from: The Tree of Faith, Al-’Allaamah Abdur-Rahman as-Sa’dee
  • Post Taken From: http://daragharbi.org

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