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Ibnul Jawzi once said: 

Admonishing the people when Ramadan had reached its middle; –
‘O people! Your month has reached its middle,
So are there any amongst you who was just and took charge of his soul?
And are there any among you who spent that time doing good?
Has your will power longed to reach that which is noble and of honour?
O person upon good! Continue to remain upon that goodness!
O person who fell short! Reprimand yourself for falling short and blame yourself!
If you are going to lose out in this month then when ever will you succeed?’


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“The month of Ramadan to the other months is like Yusuf to his brothers. So, just like Yusuf was the most beloved son to Ya’qub, Ramadan is likewise the most beloved month to Allah.”

A nice point for the nation of Muhammad (Sallalaahu Alahi wa Sallam) to ponder over is that if Yusuf had the mercy and compassion to say {“There is no reproach for you today…“} [Yusuf; 92], Ramadan is likewise the month of mercy, blessing, goodness, salvation from the Fire, and Forgiveness from the King that exceeds that of all the other months and what can be gained from their days and nights. (more…)

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