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What is better, that a person reads the Qur’aan and finishes it many times or that he reads it pondering over its Tafseer [and finishes it] once or twice in Ramadhaan?


Shaykh Ahmad Yahya An-Najmee:


”By Allaah if he reads it once with its explanation and understands it, it is better than if he reads it being hasty or so. And when a man said to Abdullah Ibn Mas’ood (Radiya Allaahu ‘anhu), ”I have indeed read al Mufassal yesterday” [Mufassal, 4 Juzz from Qaaf up to An-Naas]. Ibn Mas’ood answered:”This is the reading of a hasty poet.”

It is therefore better to read and ponder [over the Aayah] using an explanation to make the meaning clear. It is better to read with a Tafseer and to ponder [over the Aayah], Na’am.”


Translated from French to English by: Abu Zainab (Muhammad Al-Hindee)

[see link]  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OBnarawnaAo&feature=g-all-u]


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