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Shaykh ʿAbdul-Azīz b. ʿAbdillāh b. Bāz – Allāh have mercy on him – was asked about fasting six days in Shawwāl (following Ramaḍān) and its virtues. He replied:

In the name of Allāh Most Gracious Most Merciful. All praise is to Allāh, and may the peace and blessings of Allāh be upon the Messenger of Allāh, and upon his Family and Companions, and all those who follow his guidance.
It is authentically reported from the Messenger of Allāh ﷺ that he said:
Whoever fasts Ramaḍān, then follows it six [fasts] in Shawwāl (the month following Ramaḍān), then it is like fasting the whole year.
This ḥadīth is recorded by Muslim in his Ṣaḥīḥ. This shows the virtue and advantage of these fasts, and that fasting the six days [after fasting] Ramaḍān is like fasting the whole year; and this is an immense virtue. [Fasting] Ramaḍān is equivalent to 10 months, and the six days is equivalent to two months [since] a good deed is rewarded tenfold, hence it is like fasting the whole year. And since Allāh – in his generosity and mercy – made [fasting] Ramaḍān an expiation for [sins done] between two Ramaḍāns, fasting the six days involves an increase in good (reward) and a great advantage, and a great benefit in implementing the instruction of the Prophet ﷺ, his guidance and encouragement, and in being keen to do the worship that Allāh has prescribed. This is a great good, that the believer seeks what Allāh has prescribed and recommended, to put it into practice and seek the reward from Allāh. The believer has a great reward for this.

Source: Official Website of His Eminence [http://www.binbaz.org.sa/noor/12117]

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Eeman: Believing that Allah has prescribed Fasting this month upon us, and believing in its reward. 

Ihtisaba: Hoping to get the reward of Fasting this month from Allah alone. 

Eeman: Believing that praying Qiyaam during the Nights  of Ramadan is Sunnah, and believing in its reward. 

Ihtisaba: Hoping to get the reward of Praying during the Nights of this month from Allah alone. 

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at-Tirmidhī, Ibn Mājah and Ibn Khuzaymah narrated in one report:

“When the first night of the month of Ramaḍān comes, the devils and rebellious Jinn are chained up and the gates of Hell are closed, and not one gate of it is opened. The gates of Paradise are opened and not one gate of it is closed. And a caller cries out:

يا باغي الخير أقبل ، ويا باغي الشر أقصر ، ولله عتقاء من النار وذلك كل ليلة

‘O seeker of good, proceed (come forth!!); O seeker of evil, desist. And Allāh has those whom He redeems from the Fire, and that happens every night.”
 [صحيح الجامع ٧٥٩ ، وحسنه الألباني]

From Abu Hurairah [رضي الله عنه] who said: The Messenger of Allaah [ﷺ] used to give good news to his Companions with the arrival of Ramadan, he would say:

«قد جاءكم شهر رمضان شهرٌ مبارك ، كتب الله عليكم صيامه ،فيه تفتح أبواب الجنة وتغلق فيه أبواب الجحيم ، وتغل فيه الشياطين ، فيه ليلةٌ خيرٌ من ألف شهر ، من حُرِمَ خيرها فقد حُرِم.»

❝Indeed the month of Ramadan has arrived, a blessed month. Allaah has prescribed fasting for you. In this month the doors of Paradise are opened and the doors of hell are closed. The devils are shackled. In Ramadan there is a night better than a thousand months, whoever is prohibited from the good in that night then indeed he has been prohibited from good.❞
[Collected By al-Mundhari In Targheeb Wa Tarheeb | Authenticated By Albaani, (1/490)]

Ibn Rajab al-Hanbali said:

❝Some of the scholars said: This hadeeth is a foundation for some people congratulating others with the month of Ramadan.

How can one not give good news to the believer with the doors of Paradise opening.

How can one not give good news to the sinful that the doors of the Hell fire have been closed.
How can one not give good news to the intelligent one with that the devils are shackled.

Where can this time period be compared to any other time.❞

 [Lata’if al-Ma’arif, (1/158)]

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